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Morgan Horses for sale
This page was last updated on: December 16, 2016
Lease a Morgan from Menomin!   
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'You don't have to buy a BIG name,
Do You want to try before you buy?   

Do You have a busy schedule that will only allow you to enjoy a horse some of the time?

Do You want to produce a foal of your own and want a proven broodmare to breed?

Try a lease: either a full or partial lease of a Menomin Morgan.

We offer a selection of past show, competition &/or pleasure horses as well as up coming young horses ready to go, and proven broodmares.     They represent a cross section of disciplines to meet your goals.

How our lease works:

>You  come to Menomin to select a Morgan right for you.   

>You will board here, where the Menomin staff will assist you based upon your experience, needs, and goals.    

>You  can  select a  full lease (you are the only person using the horse, just as if it were your own) or a partial lease (we will have the option to use the horse part of the time).  

>The lease cost will vary based upon the individual that you select (their training, proven record, and age) ;   your ability and goals (do you want to learn how to lunge or long line? do you want a coach for showing? or do you want to learn a new riding discipline? do you simply want a horse to ride? ), and whether you choose a full or partial lease.

>Call Menomin to  come see our selection!.    207-457-2268