'GREAT Old Matriarchs produce Morgans to make YOUR Dreams come True.'
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Menomin Morgan Horse Farm

Our Morgan Horse Matriachs
'These mares are dams and/or granddams of our current & future Morgans'
HVK Silhouette
1984 - 

    (HVK Fieldmarch [a Vigilmarch son]             X   Rapidan Isulet
         [Windcrest Music Man x
a Trophy daughter])

1986, 15.2 hd liver chestnut

This long necked mare produced 3 wonderful mares for us
(Menomin Odetta, 
Menomin Razzle Dazzle, and
Menomin Cameo)
Call Menomin
Rum Brook Arabesque
(Applevale Voyager x   Countess Dixie Belle)

15.hd brown,  born  1976,  a homozygous bay/brown/black producer

This mare not only had 14 foals for me, she also showed Road hack, was my oldest niece's first show horse, won competitive trail on a 'vacation year from motherhood, gave riding lessons and is now my youngest niece's 4-H mount

These are 2007 photo's of Arabesque
                WR Corianna

    [Corisham x Reata's Supreme Lady]

daughter of Roman Crusader
    (a son of Oldwick Crusader)

1982, 15.1 hd chocolate chestnut

dam of Menomin Flash Dancer,
Menomin Morning Star
(now in the broodmare herd), and
Menomin Magnum

there she is barefoot
Menomin Mona Lisa
(Apollo's Reflection  X
   Appleton Firefly)

1988 dark bay mare

Past Amatuer driving and Road Hack show horse, lesson horse, and dam of

Menomin Promised Angel
Menomin Music Maker
Menomin Money Penny
Menomin Montery (Kate Steere)
Menomin Patriot
             (Stephanie Lavertu)
Menomin Pepper Power
             (Bev Andrade)
        Prom Miss

(Green Meads Comet
          [by UVM Promise]   
X   Rum Brook Arabesque
   [by Applevale Voyager])

Missy was Corine's show horse across
10 years of showing, plus gave birth to 4 foals for Menomin Meadow.  She has left us a handsome colt by Ultra's Special Agent, and has moved on to become an equitation horse for Trinity Farm. 
Illustra Indigo Blue,                    1988

HVK Fieldmarch  X

A Serenity mare

Between being a successful park harness horse, Amish 'go to meeting' horse, beginners driving
horse, and a wedding carriage horse,  Blue
has given brith to  2  Grand National junior park harness winners, as well as several 'best buddie'
competition horses
PPM Sommers Dream,                    1993

Motif Command (by Century Free Spirit)  X

Arboria Love Beam
(a WC Pleasure driving mare)

This lovely mare has been a top money winning junior horse, having won the Circle J futurity when the prize money was at the top.

We have 2 lovely daughters out of Sommer on the farm.
Menomin Mercedes

(Applevale Voyager  X 
Appleton Nicolle)

15 hds,  1990 - 2014
This lovely mare produced several of our favorites.  We miss her greatly.   She lives on in her offspring and grandchildren.