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This page was last updated on: March 2, 2019
Morgan Mare leases...

Do you want to create your own foal? 

We offer broodmare leases, allowing you to lease one of our proven Morgan broodmares to breed to the stallion of your choice!

'You don't have to buy a BIG name,
JUST Lease a GREAT Mare'
  CAll MENOMIN    207-457-2268
We have spent years building our broodmare band.    Most mares are past winnning show/competition horses, as well as proven broodmares.

We offer you to lease a broodmare from our band to create your own Morgan foal, saving you the cost of buying a quality mare.  

We will board the mare here, saving you the hastle of caring for a pregnant mare, and leaving her under our watchful eye.

You select the stallion of your choice & pay the breeding fees. 

We will foal out the mare, and notify you when it born.  You are welcome to join us on 'foal watch' for your foal.  

You will name your foal, and be welcome to come handle your foal so that it will bond with you.

When your foal is weaned, you either take it home.

See the available proven mares here

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