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Menomin Morgan Horse Farm
versatile Morgan horses for show, trail, & pleasure 
These are  Menomin Morgans that have gone on to new homes, to compete for others
Menomin My T Spicey
(out of RumBrook Arabesque) has won Amateur Hunter  and Western Pleasure
Menomin Prestige (out of RumBrook Arabesque):  a Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure gelding
'MJ' (Menomin Mr Magician - out of RumBrook Arabesque) showing the Morgan versatility again:  once a Junior Classic horse, now he  competes hunter pleasure and competitive trail
Menomin Crescent Moon (Hillfield Night Rider X Menomin Mercedes), as a Yearling, Ruth Henry's  competition horse 
Menomin Marcus (out of RumBrook Arabesque)
Winning Western Pleasure
Menomin Ms Teak (by UVM Trophy) and Beth:
True Morgan Versatility, athletic ability and soundess are personified in this Menomin graduate:
This mare was a winning Junior English Pleasure horse, then a Junior exhibitor saddle and harness winner for 2 different sisters,
NOW in her late teens, she is "Mom's" winning carriage competition horse!
Menomin Maine Yankee (Green Meads Yankee x RumBrook Arabesque) &   Jana Rowen,  on one of their beautiful winning dressage rides!
Appleton Nicolle
(Lord Appleton x Wilde Nancy Lyn)
winning in hand.  One of original foundation mares
Menomin Patriot
(Menomin Yankee D Dandy x Menomin Mona Lisa)  this lovely colt is Stephanie & Larri Lavertu's winnning in hand gelding.  Above Patriot & Stephanie
Menomin Flash Dancer
(DPR Noteability x WR Corriana), a double registered pinto and Morgan, now owned by Steve & Annette Smith of Ultra Morgans
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'MrMr' ,  Menomin Mr Yankee (Green Mead Yankee x Menomin Mercedes) will continue his show career (below) in tandem with his new jousting career for Scott Rodlin. He's now a 'poster boy' for several Rennaissance Fairs (to the right)
Menomin Watch This
(Menomin Yankee Clipper
X Townshend Watch Me)
and Lauren Reece: left
winning their first carriage
obstacle competition
(Thissy only 4 yrs old).
To the right, ,both enjoying
the Maine winter snow.
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