1..   Morning Star,  a proven broodmare and
  past saddle horse, a 20 year old who acts like a
  12 year old.  From old bloodlines that are usable
  horses well into their 30's.   A producer of show
  quality offspring  still cycling for breeding or
  ready to go back  to work as a saddle horse. 
    $2500 to an approved home.
  We have made the choice to disband our breeding program  and with              that  offer proven breeding stock that are also using horses for sale.

  Pick a stallion and a mare to start your own breeding program from a set     of proven bloodlines!

2.  Menomin Monet,  our handsome 15.2 hd 
     chestnut stallion with those lovely matched
     markings.   Trained to drive at Taylor River farm.

      Monet has been my husbands driving horse as
      well as a past in hand horse.  He is accustomed
      to driving  in the fields and on dirt roads.

     Pictured here barefoot and at play, showing
      off for the camera.  
     He loves attention making him a good
      candidate to be geld and become an amatuer's
       Show or competition horse.

3.   Menomin Yankee D Dandy,  our                
       senior breeding stallion  was          
    professional trained to ride and drive. 
  He has been Champion In hand and   
  pleasure driving for the NE Morgan club
   showing across the New England
   Morgan show circuit.  
  He is trained for an amateur or youth to
   drive & ride and has been driven across
   fields as  well as the local dirt roads.  
   He is also a proven breeding stallion
  and is easy to handle in the breeding shed.
   If you believe as we do, that Morgans
   should be pretty as well as atheletic,                Dandy in his winter coat
    then you should come meet Dandy in
    the flesh!
   We have made the difficult decision to offer him on our sales list, since he is  the sire or brother  to 3/4 the mares on the farm.  

  With Dandy's training,  athletic ability and desire to please, as a gelding         he is an ideal show and pleasure candidate for an amatuer or a
junior exhibitor seeking a competitive horse,   Or a breeder
looking for a easy to handle breeding  stallion with old Morgan
show horse breeding passing correct, pretty and athletic characteristics.

4.    LCS PepperJack, our handsome solid bay stallion, purchased as an outcross for our mares.   He has produced beautiful and kind offspring well suited to be amatuer show horses that double as family horses.

5.   Menomin Czarina, our  2006 born  black Morgan western pleasure  horse, she trail rides and rides Western Dressage .  She also rides English.   She goes in a snaffle
or a medium port western bit.   She
is a proven youth and retiree mount.

If you are seeking a lovely,
affectionate and
versatile Morgan ...

                 HERE SHE IS!!!!

6.   Our LOVELY  Menomin Heartbreaker,
    our LPS the BoogieMan  daughter,   born 2007, now offered for sale.   She longelines, and is a naturally GORGEOUS western pleasure horse,  trail rides, and is looking for her  competition partner.   
She also has an extension that make
dressage rides drool!

  She rides in a snaffle or low port
   western bit.


7.   Our Stonecroft Byzantine daughter,
       a past futurity winner and proven  broodmare of fearless and lovely                Morgan offspring.  Get ready for breeding early spring with a
           lovely  proven broodmare!   

    This lovely mare is cycling and ready
    to bred this spring already!!!
    She loves being a mother an is
    an easy horse to handle.  She passes on
     her fearless 'I can do that' attitude to
     her offspring. 


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