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This page was last updated on: April 29, 2017
Menomin focuses on safety,
fun and enjoyment of horses.  
Our staff will be happy to assist you in attaining your horse related goals through one or more of our
horse programs. 
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We offer lessons in riding, basic excercising techniques , and horse care.      Lessons are tailored to your abilities.  

We also have an opportunity for a few apprentices each year.  Our apprentices go through our educational program to learn grooming, stable management, and/or apprentice to our trainer.

As you advance in our lesson program, you will have the opportunity to lease a farm horse for pleasure and/or showing.  Our lease horses are well trained past show & competition horses that are eagar to return to the show ring or enjoy a good pleasure trail ride with you.  

We help you get the most
for your boarding fee by
offering a Flexible horse boarding  
arrangement in which the farm and
the owner/lessee share in the horse's
responsibility.  The farm will work with owners to modify the boarding arrangement to meet the owner's schedule.  This flexibility gives horse owners access to a fully furnished equine facility for far less than other comparable facilities.  Our facility is described further on the Farm Facility page. 

Menomin offers horses of all ages, stages of training, and disciplines for sale.   Our breeding program is focused on producing a limited number of quality foals each year.  We offer all foals as well as adult horses for sale.  Go to 'Our Morgans' to View  the group of Morgans that most interests you!
Many of the young horses are progressing through stages
of training, so visit the site often to review their progress. 

Our mares are selected for our breeding program because
of their past accomplishments and  their proven bloodlines.   They rotate careers between motherhood and showing/riding lessons/ lease program.   We will share our selected broodmare band with you for riding, showing or breeding (so that you can create your own special Morgan)  through our lease program
Our stallions have been selected based upon their breeding crosses that produce people pleasing, athletic and lovely Morgans.   Mare owners who are considering breeding their special mare are invited to visit these fine stallions and their offspring.

To help fully meet the needs of our animal loving friends, we also
offer dog & cat boarding at our licensed kennel.   Our unusual approach gives your pet spacious accommodations along with space to run in a controlled environment for only $10 per day.

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